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Yid Army Part 2

September 22, 2013

 It has been brought to my attention that David Baddiel is not, in fact, a Spurs supporter but a Chelsea supporter, and now I understand both his argument and my own position a little better. Obviously, being a Jew at at a football match and listening to your fellow-supporters bellowing out anti-semitic chants all around you, every time your team plays Spurs, is a horrible experience. When Spurs fans themselves chant the word ‘Yid’ in their response, this doesn’t help – even though it may be well-intentioned. It simply makes the situation worse, establishing a tradition of having this racist term echo around the stadium from all sides every time Chelsea (or other London teams) play Tottenham.

I can imagine feeling a little more comfortable about it than Baddiel does if one was a Jewish Spurs fan; at least then your fellow-chanters are on your side. But one does have to think about the Jewish supporters of other teams. And if we want to get this word banned from football grounds, it’s not going to help that Tottenham Hotspur fans use it themselves.

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