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A string of saves

February 29, 2016

Yesterday I went to White Hart Lane to see Tottenham Hotspur defeat Swansea 2-1. ‘Twas a famous victory, especially as Arsenal lost to Man U. the same day. Anyway, today I read the report of the match in the Times and the sports reporter said that the Swansea goalkeeper pulled off a “string of saves” to preserve Swansea’s lead until the 70th minute. Which indeed he did. But it got me thinking about the expression, “string of saves”. It’s always a string, isn’t it? That’s the collective noun for saves. But only for saves. You would not say, for instance, that a forward had a string of shots on goal, or that a defender made a string of tackles. I wonder why that is? 

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  1. Mike W permalink

    Yes, but wouldn’t a striker “string together” a series of moves before scoring each goal..?

  2. egyoung permalink

    Over here we would also say he had a string of bad luck or a string of lucky shots ( ie a string of successful shots on goal) etc… ie anthing where there is an implicationof bucking the odds. does that apply there?

  3. I hadn’t thought about the connotation of bucking the odds. Perhaps you are right.

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