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Elders, G’s and YG’s

January 24, 2017

At my son’s school it seems you can have three categories of friends. There are the Elders – these are older kids who take a sort of paternal interest in you and look out for you. Then there are your G’s, who are your peer group friends. I think it’s short for “Good Friends”. Finally there are your YG’s – that is, Young Good Friends, kids in the lower years whom you take a paternal interest in and look out for; and to them, of course, you are an Elder. It’s kind of neat, isn’t it?

P.S. May I bring to your attention my comic fantasy YA novel The Infinite Powers of Adam Gowers – here is the link: . Go there and you will see a neat little 2-minute video of me explaining why the time for this novel has come!


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  1. mattlocke permalink

    I think ‘G’ is borrowed from US hip hop, where it’s short for ‘Gangsta’, eg- ‘What’s up G?’. YG is short for ‘Young Gangsta’.

    Btw- we absolutely love you all on Back In Time For Dinner! Great to have the show back!

  2. Isabel Glover permalink

    Hey Brandon! Hope the Unbound campaign is going well! I thought I’d share some tips that I’ve learnt from my fundraising/charity background that may help keep the money rolling in!

    Make list of friends who are online influencers (largest amount of followers etc) and list of high net worth contacts. Personally write to/call these to get them to promote to their networks and/or support you. You may find that asking them to ask their contacts even if they don’t donate will bear more fruits.

    Ask everyone who donates to share the project on social media when you thank them?

    Layout for people 3 simple reasons to support the book. Three is the magic number for persuasion.

    Finding a philanthropist/big dog… I think this will be key but I know it’s hard! Again I’d try your existing network to hunt out rich peeps. Thought you could maybe try contacting Caitlin Moran? Her fave ever book is Diary of Adrian Mole. You could use the angle that books like your one and Mole aren’t written anymore and it’s a shame. She has a huge reach.

    Local paper – use back in time for dinner for angle to promote your crowdfunding campaign.

    Change call to action to ‘be part of this book publication/project/dream’ people have fatigue to ‘please donate’ (after being harassed so much by charities like where I work at WaterAid!!) and studies show they are more likely to donate if they feel part of something.

    People give to personal stories that move them. You could try focusing on yourself and why it’s so important to you and family in your next video.

    Here are some tips written for people doing a Kickstarter campaign: Interesting that first 10 secs of video are crucial in getting people interested. Also remember to keep the faith and momentum going even though it’s exhausting! People take a while to be persuaded and then actually managing to get around to getting their wallet out.

    I’m sure you know what you’re doing, but hope these help anyway. Good luck!!

    Lots of love, Isabel Xx

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