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I dream of Fanny

July 21, 2020

I am re-reading Mansfield Park, with much enjoyment and appreciation. No doubt, though, it was juvenile, shallow, utterly crass and pathetically puerile of me to do a Sid James-style snigger at the following speech by Henry Crawford:

It is “Fanny” that I think of all day, and dream of all night’.

But really, I just couldn’t help it.

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  1. Ally in Bookham permalink

    Whereas across the pond a fanny is what you sit upon. Fanny Pack anyone?

  2. Simon Carter permalink

    I’ve always assumed the term came from the book Fanny Hill?
    Remember Fanny Craddock whose husband Johnny once said “If you follow this recipe all your doughnuts will look like Fanny’s”.

    • Oh yes – remember the Johnny Craddock utterance well!

      Not sure whether ‘Fanny’ as a term for vagina came from Fanny Hill. That’s a new hypothesis to me. But could be true.

  3. I think it’s Northanger Abbey that contains the sentence ‘She began to curl her hair and long for balls.’

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