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A scary poem for Hallowe’en

October 31, 2020

It being Hallowe’en, I thought readers might enjoy a scary poem about a werewolf. Here you go:


The werewolf stood at the window

gazing into the night

and the hair grew long on the back of his hands 

in the full moon’s silver light

He said, “What a lovely evening – 

I’ll change and then go out.”

And his ears pricked up on top of his head

and longer grew his snout.

And fur sprang up on his body;

his hands turned into paws;

his teeth transmogrified into fangs

and his fingernails to claws.

He opened his mouth in a wolfish grin;

his fangs were sharp and white;

and he said to himself, “I certainly must

go out and have a bite.” 

(This poem can be found in my collection of children’s poems, These Are a Few of my Scariest Things – available on Amazon.)

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  1. Craig permalink

    Great poem again Brandon! Even I understood it 🙂

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